How to save tweet or thread

Learn how to save your favorite tweets to ClickUp.

When it comes to saving tweets to Clickup, there are 2 ways to do it:

  • saving via mention @StoreToClickUp in reply tweet
  • saving via sending direct message to the @StoreToClickUp account

In both cases, you must include the hashtag #tweet or #thread.

#tweet - only save the tweet you are replying to

#thread - saves the entire thread

Saving via mention in reply

Reply to the post you want to save:

You can also add your own text to the reply, for example:

Saving via direct message

You can also save a thread or tweet privately.
Send the tweet via direct message to @StoreToClickUp account.

In the content of the message (comment) add the hashtag #tweet or #thread.

Add custom tags

You can add custom tags via hashtags to better organize your saved posts in ClickUp. You can add custom labels using reply and also direct messages.

Save Twitter tweet to ClickUp - custom tags
Adding custom tags (design and tips) to saved tweet
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