StoreToClickUp settings

Customize how tweets are saved to Clickup.

We designed the settings section of the StoreToClickUp feature to give you more control over how you save and organize your tweets and threads.

Save twitter threads and tweets to ClickUp - settings

Saving images

There's the option to enable or disable the saving of tweet images into the ClickUp task. 

If you choose to disable it, links will be inserted instead of images.

Saving metrics

Another option is saving metrics, which allows you to save public metrics such as a total number of likes, replies, and retweets at the time of saving. 

It'll give you a better understanding of the engagement on the tweets or threads you saved. 

Preventing duplicates

You have the option to prevent saving a tweet or thread more than once.

This feature helps you keep your list of saved tweets organized and clean of duplicates.

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