1. Connect your workspace

Connecting PostFlow to ClickUp must be done by the Workspace owner or admin.

  1. Open ClickUp

  2. Click on your Workspace avatar in the lower-left corner

    Connecting ClickUp integration PostFlow
  3. Select Settings

    Don't see the Settings option?
    Only the Workspace Owner or admins can access the Settings page.

    Connect Workspace 2 New
  4. Select ClickUp API from left sidebar menu

    Connect Workspace 3 New
  5. Click + Create an App

    Connect Workspace 4 New
  6. Copy values from the PostFlow page to ClickUp inputs.

    Connecting ClickUp integration PostFlow
  7. Confirm by clicking on the button Create App

  8. On the next screen, you’ll see a Client ID, to view Client Secret click Show button

  9. Copy the values (Client ID and Client Secret) from the ClickUp page into the text fields.

    Connect Workspace 6 Min
  10. Click on button Connect Workspace

  11. On the next screen, you select the workspace for PostFlow.
    Confirm by clicking on the button Connect Workspace.

    Connecting ClickUp integration PostFlow
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