Threads - quote the first tweet

Quote the main tweet of your twitter thread to maximize engagement.

To quote the first tweet of your thread, use the anchor [QUOTE_FIRST_TWEET] in the last tweet.

Quote the first tweet of your thread from ClickUp with PostFlow
Subtweet with a quote of the first tweet

Save the last tweet as a template

We recommend saving the content of the last tweet with an anchor as a ClickUp template. You can then easily attach the ending tweet in two clicks.

  1. Create a new ClickUp task

  2. Enter the content of the last tweet in the description section.

    Don't forget the anchor [QUOTE_FIRST_TWEET]

    PostFlow tweet content
  3. Open the task settings menu by clicking on the 3 dots icon.

    Navigate to the Template center section and click Save as Template.

    ClickUp task settings menu
  4. Fill in the name of the template.

    In the Import options section, select Customize included items.

    Deselect all except Description option.

    ClickUp save task as a template
  5. Click on the Save button

Apply the template

Note: You can also create a new subtask using the template from the list view.

  1. Open the main tweet (task) of your thread and click on New subtask

    Clickup create new twitter thread
  2. Start typing /template and then click on the option Template

    ClickUp task templates
  3. A list of your templates will be displayed. Select the template for your last tweet.

    ClickUp task templates
  4. 🎉 Done. You've attached the last tweet with quote to your thread.

    PostFlow Twitter thread preview in ClickUp
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