Formatting post content

Get to know all about formatting your post content

Plain text only

Use only plain text when creating content for posts in the description field.

PostFlow currently does not support ClickUp blocks, such as headings, bold font, etc.
Use the preview window to see what your content will look like.

ClickUp task description blocks
❌ Do not use these blocks in post content

How to insert a link

Links in the post content have to be also plain text. ClickUp formatted links (bookmarks) will not work. If the link is inserted correctly, it will be visible in the preview window.

Scheduling social media posts in ClickUp
✅ plain text link

If you paste a copied link, ClickUp will offer the option to paste the link as a bookmark. In this case, click on Dismiss.

Link Unfur


✅ When adding emojis to content, use the native system window.

❌ Don't use ClickUp emoji using the : character with emoji name.

macOS emoji keyboard
macOS system emoji keyboard
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